Sympli Your Way: Featuring Dominique Baker from Style Domination

May 25, 2017

Women never cease to amaze; from their individuality to their unique sense of style. Nothing beats witnessing the impact of a bold and daring look. We love partnering with local women to marvel at all the different ways they can make Sympli their own. That was our motivation behind the Sympli Your Way program! Fashion maven Dominique Baker, from the popular blog Style Domination, has absolutely rocked Sympli in her day-to-day styling. We couldn’t resist asking her for some tips.

What does “Sympli Your Way” mean to you?
Sympli Your Way, to me, means simple yet classic style that works from day to night – all the while highlighting me at my best. Sympli has allowed me to look great while running errands and then running off to cocktails with my girlfriends!

Fit is key when choosing an outfit. How do you feel Sympli caters to real women and real bodies?
Sympli does a beautiful job of flattering each woman’s shape and size. Each piece is designed to highlight a womanly shape while using careful draping and proper design to minimize anything someone would want to hide. Many of the designs work well whether you are tall, short, slender, voluptuous, etc. That’s great design for you! The range of colours is a breath of fresh air from the neutrals that have dominated the runways for several seasons now.

What does "supporting women" mean to you?
Supporting women means celebrating our wins, empowering each other and believing that equal rights is the only way. It also means helping each other reach our goals and cutting each other some slack. Hey – we aren’t perfect…but we’re getting there!

Why should women everywhere shop for comfort, without sacrificing style?
Shopping for comfort without sacrificing style is something a lot of us still have problems grasping. When you wear an item of clothing that both looks great AND feels great, your body language becomes more positive. You feel and look more confident. You stand a little taller, smile a little brighter! There is no reason to settle for clothing that makes you fidget endlessly or is uncomfortable. Life is too short to wear bad clothes!

What are your favourite go-to pieces from Sympli's SS17 collection?
One of my favourite pieces is the Fringe Vest. This piece is so versatile and eye-catching. I also love the Far Side Tunic – great for keeping warm after a good yoga session and the Mix Party Peplum Top with the Mini Skirt! Such a cute combo that will be great for an upcoming garden party I’m attending!

Can you share a moment when Sympli’s mix and match pieces have been a total lifesaver?
Definitely! While in Barbados, we decided to go for cocktails on a whim at a beautiful hotel. I didn’t want to wear my jean shorts with my Shorty top, so I quickly switched into my beautiful Fringe Maxi Skirt which I also wore on the plane. It was very “tropical weather appropriate” and looked great, airy and stylish. Got a lot of compliments that night!

What are some of your favourite styling tips for dressing comfy and cute?
My favourite styling tip is to keep things monochrome. It’s a flattering and classic look. I also keep things comfy by reaching for soft, natural fabrics such as cotton and cashmere, or stretchy jersey.

Do you prefer to wear Canadian brands? Is it important to you to support local designers?
I’m doubly happy when I find great pieces that are Canadian! There is such a wealth of design talent in Canada. It really is important to me to showcase it so that we can keep wowing everyone on an international stage.
I also try my best to reduce my carbon footprint, so I buy local and Canadian as often as I can.

Who is your style inspiration?  
My aunts and mom are big sources of style inspiration for me. They dress beautifully – always stylish and on trend. They also have the best collection of gold jewelry you’ve ever seen! My late Grandmother was a quintessential lady who influenced my style a lot. She always looked so put together!
I take a lot of style inspiration from blogger Garance Doré, fashion editors Shiona Turini and Carine Roitfeld with a splash – just a little splash – of Kim Kardashian.
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A special thanks to Dominique Baker from Style Domination.

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