Mother's Day: The Women Who've Made Us What We Are Today

May 13, 2017

Mother’s Day comes around once a year, but we don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that our Moms matter every one of those 365 days. Sympli was built by a passionate, inspiring mother looking to create clothes for real women. 16 years later and Sympli has grown to house a number of mother daughter teams, working alongside one another to bring our vision to every woman. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to work with mom, we instead keep her words of wisdom close, planning and designing clothes she’d be proud to wear. In the spirit of the holiday, we decided to go around the office and ask some of our Sympli women what they love about their mom, and how she continues to inspire every single day.

What’s one style tip from your mom that you still use to this day?

The one thing she always insisted on was comfort. Can you dance in those shoes? Can you sit comfortably in that? Come to think of it… her only style rule is seek comfort first! "If you’re not comfortable you won't wear it anyway, what’s the point?"  I can hear the blunt comment which I really have adopted as a style tip of my own.  I am so much more myself when I am comfortable. My mom has always been hesitant to push style tips or pointers. She is usually respectful of what look each individual loves and feels to represent them. "That is so you!" is always the statement for approval of a great outfit or piece. - Abbey Stimpson, Marketing

My mom has always let me freely express myself when it comes to style, turning a blind eye to most of my faux pas. But I remember one specific day mom was taking me to get my ears pierced! I dressed myself in Red pants and a Fuchsia top, and in some cases that might be considered a sort of style, but in this case it was just a big style No No. That was the day I learned about "Clashing colours", thanks Mom. - Kailey Floberg, Design

The most important thing is to dress like yourself - whatever that is! When you feel comfortable you’re bound to feel good about your day. She really encouraged us kids to have a sense of individuality and just express ourselves no matter what that looked like.  - Aimee Grane, Design

One style tip that I still use from my mom to this day is don't leave the house looking like a mess. My mom instilled in me to always look put together before heading out. I just do it now with some extra flare. - Harpreet Dosanjh, Design

Tell us about a time your mom inspired you?

I've always loved the way my mother seems to do everything at once.  I never can tell if she is working, playing, or visiting.  All of her activities seem to mould together in a rich chaotic harmony. Always busy, always a good time.  Her method of combining work, family and play is very much responsible for the impenetrable culture at Sympli today. - Abbey Stimpson, Marketing

My mom inspires me everyday, from her amazing cooking abilities, to her unwavering dedication towards friends and family and all the things in between. She's instilled empowerment, and the drive to become a strong independent woman through example, how much more inspiring can you be? - Kailey Floberg, Design

My Mom inspires me everyday to be strong willed, kind and make the most out of life. Have fun no matter what you are doing!. - Aimee Grane, Design

My mom was the person who first sparked my interest to work in fashion. She was always sewing and making things while I was growing up and I would help her whenever I could. She taught me to always find the beauty in whatever I was creating. - Harpreet Dosanjh, Design

What words come to mind when you think of your mom?

Unconditionally loving, yet demanding. Gentle, yet brutally determined. Clear and grounded... yet hard to understand unless she is drawing a picture or making clothes! - Abbey Stimpson, Marketing

Dependable, comforting, accepting, fierce, able, genuine, there are far too many! - Kailey Floberg, Design

Hilarious, fun, strong, supportive, kind, open, caring, the best! - Aimee Grane, Design

Brave, strong, caring, sweet and cute are the best words to describe my mom even though there are millions more! - Harpreet Dosanjh, Design

What is special about your relationship?

We have developed a unique ability to be unapologetically honest and accepting with each other in an absolute, loving way. I’m sure it’s hilarious to watch us interact at the office.  We can get heated when we disagree or tear up a brainstorming session when we are on a roll.  No matter what, I know she wants to hear my opinion - even if I disagree.  I remember our new president, John Evans, trying to console me that my mother had agreed on a particular business decision that I missed while on holiday. I laughed and exclaimed "we really don't always disagree you know!" My mom laughed too, knowing that I often have my own opinion. My uncontrolled willingness to always speak my mind is likely her fault!  I am so grateful for having the opportunity to learn and work with her so closely for this long. - Abbey Stimpson, Marketing

I am my mother's daughter. We appreciate and value the same things in life, find hilarity in the same weird stuff, and have fun. With the ability to come together to divide and conquer, we make a pretty good team! - Kailey Floberg, Design

My Mom and I are very similar, I have always been able to talk to her about anything! Even though we don't live in the same city anymore we continue to share this bond. I also feel so lucky to have such a fun Mom whom I love spending time with. We love to go on trips together, attend concerts and have a great time! She taught me to enjoy life, and never take it too seriously. - Aimee Grane, Design

We've always had the same spirit, intuition and energy. We're very close, not only in appearance, because we do look alike, but also in personality.  My mom may not be with me anymore, but people will often say that I am an exact replica of her. It’s the best compliment ever. - Harpreet Dosanjh, Design

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