The Movement of Empowering Women

February 02, 2017

We have been committed to the movement of female empowerment for 15 years, and it has never been as strong as it is today. We continue to be inspired by women – they are the reason for Sympli.

You – as mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, friend – hold the power to positively influence generations of women. It’s an incredible position to be in. Not only are you the advocate for your own life experiences and beliefs, but you are also a representative of all women.
With this in mind, we are dedicated to encourage, educate, and love one another into becoming powerful leaders, passionate partners, and wholehearted people.
But what does this look like? How is this implemented? It starts with mindfulness.
We’re already seeing a thoughtful shift take form in the media. Although slim body types still reign on magazine covers, unique shapes that better reflect the norm are becoming more commonplace. Editors are increasingly cognizant to the importance of speaking to all females – real and unique women. But, while these magazines are praised for representing real women, we still compare, self-criticize, and judge our own bodies. Rather than celebrate our differences, there is this disconnect. We want to change this, and shift the way women think about themselves in comparison to others – because the uniqueness of each and every one of us is what makes us beautiful.

Our place in this movement is to create fashion that supports women exactly as they are. We value how clothing should fit a woman’s unique body and lifestyle. After all, fashion is a vessel to express oneself. We strive to create fashion that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. We want you to look in the mirror and see you – the beautiful you that lives inside and outside. Our clothing is the product of our love for women, each piece thoughtfully crafted by a united team. Designed by women for women.
If we act with mindfulness together, we can strengthen the shift that is needed for all women.
Recognize your importance by representing something that you believe in, sharing your valuable point of view, and being more than an audience – you are a main act. This is the power you hold.
Make female empowerment a way of life, and join us in celebrating every woman – a mandate we have followed for fifteen years.

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